Hometown: Louisville, KY

Major: Business

Before coming to Asbury, how involved had you been in lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse my freshman year of high school after my brother got me interested. Once I started playing I couldn’t get enough, whether it was travel teams, pickup games, or coaching younger players.

What was your reaction to being named the AAC Defensive Player of the Week for the second time?

It’s awesome! It’s cool to be recognized, but we all have to make sure we’re still playing as a team, not individuals. Playing as a team is something coach has been preaching all year, and it’s crucial to winning.

What has been the biggest goal for the team this season?

The biggest goal for us this season has been to make the playoffs. We’re still a young team, and this year’s schedule has been a lot tougher than last year’s, but if we win our last game, we’re in. We’ve proven we can play with these established teams and we plan to continue to do that.

What are the most important qualities for a goalie in lacrosse?

I think the single most important quality for a goalie in lacrosse is to have a good mentality. The more positive I am on the field, the better I play. You have to be able to rebound quickly after letting in a goal, and make the next big save to gain momentum for your team in a big game. Another important trait is leadership. A goalie in lacrosse quarterbacks the defense and he has to be able to lead them every time they are on defense.

Do you have any personal goals that you set for this season?

My personal goals are the same as the team’s. I want to make the playoffs, and keep on pushing once we get there. I love when I can have a huge game and make a big difference, but that is for the team, not just myself.

How do you get focused for a game?

To get focused for a game I always have to take a minute before I even warm up and just get focused and relax. I play my best when I’m positive, having fun, and relaxed so that’s hugely important before a game.

What’s something you wish more people knew about lacrosse?

I wish more people knew how fun lacrosse is. Not just playing, but also just watching. Lacrosse is such an intense, fast game and almost everyone that has come to a game has really enjoyed it.