CLASS: Junior

MAJOR: English



What is the importance of your committee?

AIM deals directly with academic concerns and institutional issues that students care about. If you want to change a rule? That’s us. If you want a new class taught at Asbury?  That’s us. AIM is important because our efforts affect every single member of this campus, students, staff, and faculty! You just don’t always see it.

What has been the best moment you’ve experience while being involved with them?

It’s hard to choose! I’m currently in a Women’s Literature course that I proposed last semester through AIM. It’s pretty surreal to be in a class that exists because of our efforts.  Though I really love what we’re working on right now too.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your committee/branch?

You don’t have to serve on a committee to make a difference. AIM thrives off of outside ideas and making them come to life! Even the smallest idea is always welcome.