The women’s soccer team is preparing to take their first international mission trip to Medellin, Colombia in July.

While the team hasn’t traveled internationally together since Lincoln has been the head coach, this isn’t the first mission trip the team has been on. “Summer of 2014, we went on a 10-day mission trip to New York,” said head coach Brooke Lincoln. “This past summer, we went to Eastern Kentucky for four days.”

Several of the players have been on other trips, but are most excited about their trip this summer. The team has been involved in several different fundraising opportunities throughout the year in order to raise money for this opportunity. The team will fundraise during the year by working at UK concessions and help clean after events at Keeneland. However, this year specifically for the Colombia trip, the team has been selling t-shirts to raise money.

“I know my first international mission trip has forever changed my perspective on things, and I am excited for many of my girls to get to experience that for the first time,” said Lincoln.

“I’m excited to experience something different and new, and for our team to experience Christ in a different community than just Asbury,” said junior Toria Howard.

“It’s an opportunity for us to serve together, and I have realized over the past few years, when we serve together, it brings us closer together as a team,” said Coach Lincoln.

With 13 new players coming in next season, and many of them traveling with the team to Colombia this summer, the team will get the opportunity to build community and prepare for the new season together.

According to Coach Lincoln, Colombia was a perfect fit for the team. “The organization we will be serving with has dorms on sight and also a full turf and grass stadium,” said Coach Lincoln. “This will allow us to train, play, eat and sleep in the same place.”

Lincoln also said they “will be able to play a couple of exhibition matches and pick-up [games] with the staff…this will allow us to get a jump on the pre-season and serve at the same time.”

“The organization we will be working with runs a soccer ministry, so our players will have the opportunity to get out in the different parts of the community and run training sessions for the local players, and watch them play their weekly match,” said Coach Lincoln.

While in Medellin, the team will also be participating in work projects around the ministries facility, along with the opportunity to visit the women’s prison and volunteering with their ministry. Throughout the trip, the team will also have the chance to attend local churches and be a part of their services.

“Our main purpose is to serve and love on as many people as we can while we are there,” said sophomore Anjela Alicea.

“There is nothing more powerful than love and that’s what ultimately draws others to Him,” junior Rachel Bertrand added.

“As a program, I hope the trip allows us to see outside of ourselves and puts us in a place where we are uncomfortable,” said Coach Lincoln. “I tell my players all the time, when you are comfortable there is no growth. When you are uncomfortable, there is growth.”

“One of the reasons I took the job at Asbury was because they would allow me to combine my two loves, sport and missions,” said Coach Lincoln. She’s excited to share her love of missions with her team, and excited to see what the Lord will do in their hearts and in the hearts of those they encounter. “We serve a big God and we are anticipating Him showing up and doing big things.”