By Tori Hook, Staff Writer

Next week, both Monday and Wednesday’s chapel will be student-led, as it will be Student Revival & Renewal Week.

This week is set apart specifically for students to lead their peers in sharing testimonies of what God’s been teaching them and to encourage students to step into a community of worship with one another.

“When [testimonies] come from a student, other students are impacted by that,” said Joshua Fritz, sophomore and co-chair of the Student Chapel Committee. “We’re all going through the same thing. We’re all in college, we all have extracurriculars, and for a student to get up there and for us to be able to hear the heart of a student God’s been working in, that’s just really powerful.”

Student Revival & Renewal Week intersects with the 40-Day Collegiate Jesus Fast, a time of fasting and prayer by students both on Asbury’s campus and on other campuses around the world. WHATT Week, a week of 24/5 prayer hosted by Asbury’s prayer ministry, Worship Him All the Time, also took place this week.

Fritz expressed excitement at the movement of the Holy Spirit in prayer leading up to Student Renewal & Revival Week: “It’s just really cool how this was all facilitated by students…You get to hear from students what God has been doing in their lives at the end of all of this amazing time of prayer and fasting.”

For co-chairs Joshua Fritz and Mandy Smith, Student Renewal & Revival Week is all about making space for transformation.

“We can’t make transformation take place,” said Fritz. “We can’t force people to choose the Lord, but we can facilitate opportunities for students to hear God’s Word.”

Student Renewal & Revival Week chapels will take place on Feb. 22 and 24 at 10:00 am, in addition to evening services.