by Sarah Anthony, Staff Writer

New years come with new beginnings, and to make this truly a happy new year, people usually set goals and make resolutions. College students set a numerous amount of different goals to help them thrive in college. There are three specific resolutions that Asbury services can help students achieve. There are on-campus resources to help students eat healthier, be better students academically and work on professional demeanor. For those feeling discouraged on letting loose on these resolutions already, accountability partners are found in the Health Clinic, Center for Academic Excellence and Center for Career and Calling.

People usually visit the Health Clinic if they’re sick or injured or need a class excuse (which the Clinic unfortunately does not give out), but the Clinic has so much more to offer. The Clinic also offers nutrition and health counseling.

Dawn Rightmire, a nurse at the Clinic, says “I do some one-on-one nutrition counseling—often for students wanting to lose weight or accountability and instruction about eating disorders.”

The Clinic also offers information on uncommon health facts; for example, how much fat is in the daily food we eat. Pick up a pamphlet or visit Dawn at the Health Clinic during the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Not too deep down inside, every student longs for all A’s at the end of the semester but are unsure of where to begin to achieve that. The Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) and its three divisions—Writing Services, Tutoring Services and Disability Services—is a great place to begin working on that academic resolution.

Students are usually told to visit the Writing Center if professors aren’t pleased with their writing, but the Writing Center is made up of students who genuinely want to assist with writing. The Writing Center will provide tips and handbooks.

“We’ll be offering drop-in days so students can come for help on essays or writing assignments without making an appointment,” said the director of the CAE Dr. Corrie Merricks. “Students can drop in on Mondays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., Thursdays from 11 a.m. to noon, and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. They can bring writing assignments, and our tutors can figure out how to help them with their essays.”

There is never a reason to struggle in a class, because the CAE helps get students back on their feet. Academic coaching and tutoring are the most used resources of the Center for Academic Excellence.

“We have students who are trained to help students who need to get a better grasp on their overall success or who need to improve their time management,” said Merricks. “These tutors will look over syllabi and help students discern how to use their time wisely; they can help with general study skills and reading comprehension.” Once students have brushed up on their academic skills, the next place to visit for the last resolution is the Center for Career and Calling.

The Center for Career and Calling can help students with goals of finding an internship, choosing a major or building a solid resume. The program has much to offer, including resume and LinkedIn information sessions. Resume sessions are offered Tuesdays from 10:50 to 11 a.m. and LinkedIn sessions are Thursdays from 10:50 to 11 a.m. in 206 Fletcher-Early.

“We offer a wide variety of sources,” said Sandy Anderson, the Center’s Career Advisor and Program coordinator. “For those deciding on a major, we have a collection of assessments that can be administered (MBTI, Strengths Quest, Strong Interest Inventory) and discuss how personality, skills, interests and values are incorporated in major choice.”

The Center offers “What Can I Do With This Major…” sheets to see what job opportunities are available for certain majors. They also help with resumes, cover letters and reference sheets and provide ways to search for internships and jobs.

Asbury offers a wide variety of resources to build up students, and in this case, offering inspiration and genuine help for those who need it. For more information, visit student-life/career-services/students.