By Madison Farr, Contributing Writer

The Asbury University intramural program consists of a broad range of individual, dual and team games and sports. This semester the intramural program is introducing two new sports Futsal and Nerf Battle Arena. The one causing the most buzz is Nerf Battle Arena. Clark Kendall, who is in charge of intramural’s, was the one to bring the idea to the school. The game is played five on five with two teams, and will be set up almost like paintball. Student Coordinator of Intramural’s Matthew Johnson said, “It’s gonna be intense. The bullets fly out of the guns at nearly 70 miles per hour.”

The game will begin with each team starting on their designated side in which to defend their flag. Once an official has all players in place, he/she will blow the whistle to start. There are no boundaries other than to remain in the playing area. If a player or any of their equipment is struck by a ball, he/she is eliminated for the remainder of the point and must proceed to the designated area until a point is scored.

An eliminated player may not switch guns or grant left over ammo to a teammate; he/she must proceed straight to the elimination area. Once a team retrieves an opponent’s flag and places with their own flag, that team is awarded a point. If one team completely eliminates another team, it is assumed that the flag would be retrieved, and the remaining team is awarded a point. Contact with an opponent is not permitted and will result in elimination.

All current Asbury students, faculty and staff, as well as Asbury alumni, are eligible to compete in Intramural events. Individuals may not participate for more than one team in each sport. The first team that he/she participates with in two contests will be considered his/her team. Battle Arena will be self-officiated. Players can declare their own fouls, whether they were the one fouled or the one who caused the foul. In order to cultivate an atmosphere of strong character amidst competition, each team will be given a sportsmanship score for each contest. Each team will be provided with five Nerf Rival guns and an even amount of ammo.

“No equipment is needed to play, just bring yourself and a few others,” said Kendall.

Battle Arena is going to be a truly exhilarating experience. “I’m really looking forward to this game the equipment, and game play sounds very fun,” said junior Paul Ledgerwood.

If you enjoy Last Man Standing or Assassin, then you will like this too. This game, along with all the other sports this semester will be offered co-ed.