Class Sophomore
Sport – Swimming
HometownNairobi, Kenya

Congrats in qualifying for NAIA Nationals in the 100 breaststroke. Was
your time of 1:11.21 a personal record for you?
Thank you, my personal best is a 1:07.45 that I made last year at nationals.

What are your top two favorite strokes and events?
I mainly swim breaststroke, but I can also swim a bit of butterfly. My favorite
events would be the 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke and the 200m individual

What goals do you have for yourself for the remainder of the season?
I honestly want to focus mainly on making small adjustments in my stroke. I
also am also still targeting to qualify for the Olympics in 2016, for team Kenya,
so I have to be training hard. I would also like to go under 1:07.45 in the 100m
breaststroke at nationals.

How would you describe where you are from?
Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya. It rarely gets cold, the weather is either hot
or slightly cool. People in Kenya are rather laid back, we value relationships and
family is always a priority.

What are some differences between training competitively in Kenya as
compared to the U.S.?
I am used to training in an outdoor pool, unheated pool. In the US, I train in an
indoor heated pool, which is nice. In Kenya there only about a handful of us that
swim competitive, so you see the same people at the same events from your first
competition. You pretty much grow up together. Here swimming is more common
and as a result you meet all kinds of competition, you are always seeing a new face
in the crowd.

How has your experience been in swimming for Asbury?
I absolutely love every bit of it. The team has become my family, we learn from each
other and support one another inside and outside the pool. I have never been a part
of a team that cares so much about each other.

What is a favorite moment you have had from this season?
Watching both the men’s and women’s team place second at the Igloo Invitational
Meet at Sewanee. It was all our hard work from the start of the season and it was
great to see it all paid off.