By Hannah Stafford, Contributing Writer

IMG_9308Who doesn’t like mac ‘n cheese? It’s creamy, warm and it contains a heart-clogging amount of calories per bite, so you know it has to be good. Particularly for me, it’s a comfort food. It’s my go-to for rainy days and Mondays—which we have certainly had our fill of recently— and it reminds me of so many happy moments in the kitchen with my mom or snuggled on the couch with the rest of my family. While KRAFT and Velveeta have certainly earned the right of the college student’s best friend, I never thought that anything could come close to homemade—but I was wrong. Recently, my roommate and I went to a fairly new restaurant in Lexington called the Cheezy Mac, and my life changed forever.

Right off of Richmond Rd (yet mysteriously hidden from Google Maps), sits the cozy little Cheezy Mac. It didn’t take long after walking in to see that this was no ordinary mac ‘n cheese joint. With a variety of choices ranging from Buffalo Wild Wings Mac to Philly Cheezesteak Mac, to say that it took me a few minutes to make up my mind would be a gross understatement.

IMG_9324Being the bold and unadventurous person that I am, I went with the plain old Classic Mac. Except there was nothing plain or old about this. Classic? Most definitely. Plain and old? Not a chance. You could completely customize your mac ‘n cheese and in the words of my eloquent roommate, “It’s the Chipotle of mac ‘n cheese!” With 10 different types of cheese and over 30 other various toppings, the Cheezy Mac quickly turned a common family side-dish into a hipster’s gourmet dinner.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous (that is, more adventurous than the Southwestern Taco Mac), you can have your cheesy pasta served in a cone. To add to all of this, in college-student dollars, the price was very reasonable. Could you really ask for more?

So next time your Monday stretches all the way to Thursday, or you’re fighting off a little homesickness or maybe just in the mood for something other than the Caf, I would recommend a little road trip to the Cheezy Mac. You won’t be disappointed. The cheese is cheesy, the environment is friendly and the familiar comfort of mac ‘n cheese was as effective and memorable as ever.

(Editor’s Note: The Cheezy Mac has moved to the Fayette Mall and closed their Richmond Road location.)