By Melina Martinez, Contributing Writer

If you were on campus on Nov. 11, then you were aware of the street preachers perched between student health services and the cafeteria.

A man held a sign saying, “God saves you from sin in heaven or hell.” A woman holding an iPad read off of a website saying rude and derogatory remarks pertaining to the Christian faith.

A group of approximately 75 students stood, watched and laughed at some remarks made. However, this was no laughing matter.

The statements made referred to Asbury students as heathens, whores, sinners and were destined for hell. The students listening were doing exactly what the street preachers wanted them to do, which was giving them the attention they wanted.

Over the past few years, church groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church have made their fame by picket fence signs saying, “God hates gays” and screaming that everyone is going to burn in hell.

The amount of Christians that are a part of these groups is a small fraction compared to the amount of Christians in the world. However, they seem to get the most media attention. Why is that? It is the same reason why Donald Trump received so much media attention over the past few months. Shock factor.

These groups use these phrases from websites and shared messages, not from the Bible.

“I just don’t understand why they are here,” said Tre Renzi. “This is a Christian campus. They called us heathens and liars and alcoholics but we believe in Jesus, and that’s all that matters.”

The street preachers make their rounds from university to university. At a public university, police officers can forbid them from coming close to their students; however, Asbury was not able to recruit the Wilmore police.

As Christians we must stand together and show the world what Christianity is truly about and who our savior truly is.

As a Christian university, there is an understanding that preaching is always welcome, but this type of preaching should not be condoned. As Christians, we are taught to love each other and spread the gospel in faith, not judgment.

This type of street preaching has twisted the Christian faith and has made Christianity a religious of hate. As Christians we must stand together and show the world what Christianity is truly about and who our savior truly is.

“What we should take away from this is that we should be open to talking about love when it comes to matters like this, because we should know where we stand theologically and spiritually,” said junior Angela Burns. At the end of the day, we will all see who are the chosen people when God decides.