Steph Curry is From Another Planet

Notice that Steph, for his first shot of the game, decides he’s going to pull up from five feet behind the arc. Once that shot went in, the Wolves should have just called it a night. Any man that heat checks himself that early and makes it shouldn’t be messed with. Curry ended the night with 46 points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Gold Mine

Fitzmagic had a good game against the Bills during Thursday Night Football, but his face during a first down scramble shows that he might have been playing off of pure fear for his life. Luckily Brandon Marshall was there to calm him down.

Your Australian League Goal of the Week

In case you don’t happen to follow the ever-popular A-League and its plucky New Zealand member Wellington Pheonix, here’s a fantastic goal from Roly Bonevacia in the team’s 4-2 win.