By Glenn McGlothlin, Contributing Writer

The fiery red and yellow leaves gently fall to the ground. A cool breeze wafts through the trees and brings the scent of fall. The air is crisp and clear as it envelops the whole surroundings. The sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet fills the air.

Time is running out to experience the beautiful fall colors in Central Kentucky. Jessamine County itself holds some breathtaking scenery and hiking locations.

Just a few miles from Wilmore, the Jessamine Creek winds its way down into a steep gorge and finally into the Kentucky River. One of my personal favorite locations is on that very creek.

Freshman activities director Seth Padgett says that his favorite part of this location is “the ease of access when you compare it to the Gorge”.

Just off of KY1268, on Corman Road, is a gravel parking lot. From there, a trail leads through forests, fields and across a stream.

But, hiking down the stream will reveal a beautiful sight that is the Jessamine Creek Gorge. A magnificent waterfall greets you at the end of the stream. There, an overlook will provide a breathtaking view out into the deep gorge.

Take time to hear, smell, see and feel fall in Central Kentucky

“It’s serene – not somewhere you’d go to find a single lookout with a breathtaking view, but to explore and experience solitude,” said junior Lauren Ury.

In the fall, as the trees are shedding their leaves, the view becomes even more evident. For those who prefer a more easy-going hike, Camp Nelson on US27 offers beautiful rolling hills that Kentucky is known for. If you have access to a hammock, there are many trees that are perfectly placed for your enjoyment.

Camp Nelson was a Civil War supply depot for the Union, and those interested in history will find much to be excited about. The main attractions at Camp Nelson are the expansive fields and the overlooks that can be found at the back of the property. These overlooks provide an unobstructed view of the Hickman Creek as it flows through a valley.

Camp Nelson closes at dark, but it is a wonderful place to watch the sun set over the horizon. On a clear fall evening, the sunset is a breathtaking event, one I have seen several times and will never forget.

Just over the Kentucky River to the south is the Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve. With a small parking lot and 2.5 miles of trails, this location is unique because it affords visitors a walk down to the banks of the Kentucky River.

Reaching the river, hikers will be greeted by the magnificent Palisades. These walls of the Kentucky River Gorge were carved out by the flow of water over the course of history. They are truly a natural wonder of Central Kentucky.

Winter is fast approaching! So break out those warm clothes and enjoy the last days of fall. Take time to hear, smell, see and feel fall in Central Kentucky.