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Spiritual Life



What’s the importance of your committee/branch?

The purpose of WHATT is to provide a space for continual intercession and prayer. Being able to partner with God and stand in the gap in place of prayer for our campus, families and nations is key to seeing him move in our community.

What has been the best moment you’ve experienced while involved with them?

I really enjoy the prayer times that the class chaplains, nightly prayer leaders and I have together. We have been able to talk about our vision for WHATT and class prayer on campus. There have been so many ideas that have come out of the place of prayer and seeking his heart. It is encouraging to work with people that are seeking God for their own lives and for how they can support others.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your ministries?

Know that prayer is happening. Through opportunities like WHATT in the Old Asbury house, Class Prayer and other prayer events during the year there is always a place to get plugged in. They don’t have to be mundane prayer meetings to go to. WHATT seeks provide the opportunity to intercede for something that you are passionate about and desire to see Him move through.