What’s the importance of your position?

I found that my position is really all about communication, in the since that I get to report back from many different branches and areas of student government to the Vindicated cabinet, as well as inform students on the steps that were taking to improve Asbury for the future. I also have found myself teaming up with Jonathan Heffley, Kelsey Boyle and other co-chairs on the campus spaces committee to take are own steps in improving the campus. I think something that has been freshly introduced to the ASC representatives this year that has been important on evolving the role, is Matt Jackson pushing each of the representative team to come up with a bill. Sara Trapp (Vindicated ASC Female Rep. AKA partner in crime) and I have came up with ASC’s How To’s, which is a series chosen by the students asking them what they want to learn then having sessions teaching it.

What has been the best moment you’ve experienced

while involved with it?

It’s been working with Sara on ASC How To’s. It’s been so much work, but it really has been a lot of fun and rewarding just watching our simple idea come to life.

What do you want other students on campus to know

about your position?

ALL the ASC positions have a role in what changes are made at this school, you are a voting member as well as have been thought training on how to create bills and get those bills thought congress. What I would really like the students to understand is that their class representatives are there to be used and help you. If you have any concerns or ideas you would want to bounce off of us, we would more then happy to help you out. So come and chat!