Compiled by Elijah Lutz, Staff Writer

Courtesy of On The Issues

The presidential election cycle is in full swing, and for many of us, this is the first time we get to vote. Below is information on the Democratic candidates’ key stances.


martin o'malley2

Martin O’Malley

Former Governor of Maryland

Clean energy

Supports renewable energy to help create jobs and make American more energy independent. The campaign supports a full transition to clean, renewable energy and ending reliance on fossil fuels completely.

Homeland Security

Supports efforts to strengthen national security. Having led homeland security efforts in the past, and serving as an Adviser to The Department of Homeland Security, O’Malley wants to increase efforts to make our nation safer.

Financial reform

Wants to help keep the nation from another economic crash. O’Malley supports strong accountability and reforms to hold corporations responsible for their actions, to help avoid any future crashes.

Trade policy

Supports free trade agreements, with some exceptions. O’Malley supports agreements that support strong and enforceable rules for fair competition, and creating opportunity for American workers.



Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State


Wants to work for the betterment of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and voting rights in the nation. Clinton advocates for equal pay, freedom from discrimination and making it easier for people to exercise their rights to vote.

Economic fairness

Wants to help reduce the risk of future financial crises and the economic system more accountable. The plan will hold Wall Street accountable to the people of the nation, and to prosecute financial execs when they break the law.

Health care

Sees affordable health care as a basic human right. Clinton will defend the Affordable Care Act, help to lower out of pocket costs and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.


Wants to ensure high-quality education for the youth of America. The campaign supports the strengthening of the public school system, supporting educators and improving student outcomes nationwide.



Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator from Vermont

Job creation

Wants to work to create more jobs for the American people. Sanders will introduce legislation to invest in the revitalization of our national infrastructure and work to oppose trade deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA.

Income and wealth equality

Supports increasing taxes on the wealthy and large corporations. He also wants to increase minimum wage, create jobs in public works and reverse trade policies that have lost American jobs.

Corporate money in politics

Supports the removal of corporate money in politics. Sanders supports the overturning of the Citizens United SCOTUS ruling, limiting the amount of campaign contributions allowed and forcing donations to be disclosed.

Tuition and debt-free college

Wants to support higher education in America for the low earing. Sanders advocates for free tuition at public universities, cutting student loan interest rates, allowing Americans to refinance student loans and helping utilize financial aid more effectively.