By Melina Martinez, Contributing Writer

Lexington Latin School, a private Christian school for kindergarten through 12th grade, will be starting a new golf team next year. To help prepare, Asbury’s golf team will be working four clinics this year, teaching students the arts of putting, chipping and driving.

Asbury alum, Jeremy Corbett, started the golf team at Lexington Latin School. According to Asbury’s women’s head golf coach Nic Robinson, he was introduced to Jeremy last year, and appreciates his huge passion for youth and for golf.

“[Corbett] has been a very generous donor to our program, and anytime we are able to help out, it’s a joy to do so,” Robinson said. Helping out meant that Asbury players from the men and women’s golf team would attend the clinics and teach the children different skills at each station. The children’s experience varied as well. Some had an entire set of clubs, while others may have only brought one.

Though it was cold and raining during the first clinic, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the golf teams. Men’s team captain senior Daniel Patterson found some inspiration in the kids he worked with. “[They had] fun, even on a nasty day,” Patterson said.

“The kid’s perspective was enlightening and contagious,” said Robinson. “It seemed as though it wasn’t raining at all.” Many held umbrellas over the children as the swung their clubs and parents stood and watched on the cart paths or from the clubhouse. The main focus was encouraging the children.

Golf2The clinics were a change of pace for the Asbury golf teams and were done as a way of giving back to the community taking a break from their daily practices. Every sport at Asbury is encouraged to be involved in the some community service project at some point throughout the year.

“Community service is important to our program for the character development of each player,” said Robinson. “Whenever we are able to take our eyes off of ourselves, we expand the kingdom of God in a positive way.” The golf teams were able to help their community by playing and knowing the sport they all know and love.

During this clinic, the teams were able to relax and enjoy their sport, apart from the usual concentration and pressure. Many golfers admitted it was difficult to phrase the words to explain to the children how to position your body at each station. As a result, the clinic not only helped the students of Lexington Latin School, but also the golfers of Asbury University.