By Claire Van Der Eems, Contributing Writer

Students will showcase their unique talents at the annual Fall Variety Show in Hughes Auditorium this Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Throughout the night, 18 acts will perform on the Hughes stage. Over 45 students will be participating in the show, while many others have been involved in the planning process.

Members of the Special Events Committee have played a huge role in the preparation for the show. The committee completed auditions and solidified the evening’s lineup before fall break.

“It will be different from other years in that there’s a good chance it will actually run the anticipated time,” Lizzy Sherwood, Chair of the Special Events Committee, said. “Students should expect a night full of laughter and really great music.”

Students should also show up shortly before 7:30 p.m. to grab good seats and hear the pre-show performance from the Salvation Army Band. The show will open with a variety of acts, including stand-up comedy, covers, original music, spoken word and the annual routine from the Gamma Gamma girls.

Keeping with the tradition of student hosts, Anchored class members Matthew Jackson and Abby Witt (pictured below) have been selected to host the night’s festivities. Witt anticipates that the show will be full of “a lot of sass, and a lot of laughs.” Jackson said, “You’re going to want to come back for more.”

The hosts and committee members are planning to provide a night full of entertainment, purposed to foster community and celebrate the unique talents among Asbury students.

Expect a night full of laughter and really great music.

“The theme this year ties in with our campus wide theme of Oneness, putting a playful spin on it,” said Sherwood.

Aside from being an event to bring students together, this year’s Fall Variety Show will showcase a unique balance of sass, class, humor and highlighting the talent strung throughout campus.

“Fall Variety Show has always been a really great event on campus for students to showcase their talents,” Ben Garverick, Vice President of the Student Activities Board, said. “The talent is always great each year and I look forward to the new, exciting talent we have this year!”

This year’s show is certainly not one to miss as it a great opportunity to support students in their gifts and talents. As a final plug for the event, Garverick urges students to “come ready to be both impressed and end up ROFLing.”