By Caiti Maumenee, Staff Writer

Fall Break – that time that you think a bunch of people will actually stay on campus, but in reality the halls will echo the stillness of half the population leaving town. One extra day over the weekend makes everyone stir crazy and people split town for “exotic” adventures. More often than not, everyone comes back more tired than if they had a staycation in Wilmore. If you are one of the lucky ones to stick around in the midst of a lesser populated Asbury, then you are in for a treat. Here are some top suggestions on how to have a great weekend and a memorable Fall Break.


 1. Take a day to really go and enjoy living in a town like Wilmore. Make an effort to go to the Wilmore thrift store and dig through second hand treasures, or try your hand at antiquing at the small antique store just past Subway on N Lexington Ave. Not in the mood for shopping? Take a deep breath and indulge in a very needed coffee fix at Solomon’s Porch of Main Street.  It has a great atmosphere to work on that book you have been meaning to read or to have a great conversation with a friend. And Solomon’s doesn’t just offer coffee! Take a risk with a menu that offers delectables such as the C.S Lewis, the Temple Wrap or a 007 drink. Your culinary choice is sure to be a highlight, whichever you choose.

2. If you are gearing for more of an outdoor experience, but don’t have the time to go to the Red River Gorge, take a hike on our own Asbury trails. Just 2 miles from campus off of Shanty Hill Rd are a variety of trails that wind through the enormous amount of property that surrounds the Asbury Equine and Challenge Course center. It will give you a great chance to enjoy the amazing weather as well as a great view of the Kentucky River.



Donut Tour- Do a tour of all the donut shops featured in this last week’s Collegian. With options of going to shops such as North Lime Donuts or Spaldings, your day is sure to be sweeter.

Shaker Village- It is the oldest restored Shaker Village in the world and is only located less than a 20 minute drive from campus.  It has amazing weekend activities, and offers tours around the restored buildings. If you don’t want to pay for that part of the experience, then certainly take a hike around the grounds. The property is free to enjoy and allows for anyone to walk around and enjoy almost 400 acres of woodland and meadow property. Their 40 miles of trails are beautiful and are nice for a leisurely hike or walk.

Boyd’s Orchard. Need a pumpkin fix? Don’t hesitate to go to the number one orchard in the area. The grounds offer acres of apple orchards as well as pumpkin patches. It is a great photo spot for Instagram-able fall endeavors and has amazing cider and lunch foods offered throughout the whole weekend.

Keeneland– It’s time for the races. The fall season closes on Oct. 24, so you still have plenty of time to enjoy one of the amazing Kentucky traditions that brings in people from all over the world to a town only 15 minutes away. Go to the races and take the chance to walk around the grounds and cheer on some amazing Kentucky born and raised horses. It will prove to be an exciting and exhilarating event!


Despite the empty parking lots or the absence of some of your friends and hall mates, you are sure to have some options for a great Fall Break. So go and explore the metropolis of Wilmore or the greater Lexington area. Whichever option you choose, your Fall Break will make the most of your extra day and provide an opportunity for fun, adventure and rest. Happy Fall Break!