By Hannah Schultz, Features Editor
For many of us Asburians, fall break means one thing: lots of driving. Whether its the six hour drive home or three hours to visit a new city, we’ll be spending more time than usual behind the wheel or navigating from the passenger seat. And what’s essential to break up the monotony of the long hours on the highway? The perfect soundtrack. So here’s a wide selection of favorite songs from our Collegian staff to add to your road-trip playlist. There’s a little of everything suggested on this list, so you’re bound to find something to set the mood for whatever adventure on which you find yourself over the long weekend.


1. “Run” by Vampire Weekend

“The song is about running away, going somewhere; it has a quirky, airy sound and is perfect for exploration.”

2. “Fidelity” by Regina Spektor

“This song combines an oddly fun beat and a bouncy acoustic piano with all of the feels of a heartbreak—makes you dance your troubles away, even if for just a short three-day weekend.”

3. “Africa” by Toto

“Because why not—this top hit is a timeless, adventurous classic.”


1. “Anna Sun” by Walk the Moon

“This song, and most everything by Walk the Moon, is upbeat and sure to encourage a car dance party; it’s the perfect anthem for youthful adventures.”

2. “Electric Love” by BORNS

“The song builds nicely and will probably prompt you to turn your volume up a little more. It finds a great balance between mellow and upbeat, making it ideal for highway driving.”

3. “Say Anything” by Tristan Prettyman

“The acoustic, chill tone mixed with the beauty of a ballad makes this song well-suited for a rambling fall day (if you enjoy slower music). Note: this is actually one of my favorite songs.”


1. “Dreams” by The Cranberries

2. “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought” by The Wind and The Wave

3. “Cold is the Night” by The Oh Hellos

“Everyone experiences the point in a road trip where the energy dies down a little—listen to these songs when that happens. Stare out the window. Pretend you’re in a movie. It’s okay, we all do it.”


1. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

“Because I love on “How I Met Your Mother” when Ted and Marshall listen to this song on their road trips, so I figure I should listen to it on mine.”

2. “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

“I don’t know, the lyrics are easy and you don’t have to focus too much on the song while driving. Plus, it’s just fun.”

3. “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and The Machine

“Who doesn’t like this song? It’s so catchy. And if you feel comfortable with dancing while driving, do it.”


1. “Build Me Up Buttercup” by the Foundations

“If modern pop isn’t your thing, this song is sure to add some energy to your playlist. The horns and tambourines are sure to keep you awake during a long and boring stretch of highway.”

2. “Be Our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast”

“I dare you not to sing this one at the top of your lungs. I know you know the words.”

3. “Love Vigilantes” by Iron and Wine

“This song is very relaxing, but it also gives you something to ponder on your road trip. Plus, it’s about a man coming home to his family, so it’s perfect for your ride home.”


1. “Daylight” by Matt and Kim

“Along with the amazing sound, it’s about taking chances and making the best of what you’re given. I always play this song while I’m driving.”

2. “Hunger of the Pine” by Alt-J

“The lyrics suggest the idea that missing someone can be a pain, much like hunger. I think it could also represent the longing for a certain place.”

3. “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots

“This song is the embodiment of a road trip. It’s about reflecting on the big questions of life and enjoying the journey.”


1. “Hotline Bling” by Drake

“If any driving is being done at night, Drake is mandatory.”

2. “Slip Slide” by Donnie Trumpet

“If you don’t find yourself singing along or at least bobbing your head halfway through, then there might be something wrong.”

3. “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show

“It’s a great one for everybody to sing along to; you can’t listen to it and not want to be on the road.”


1. “Dust Bowl Dance” by Mumford & Sons

“Whatever the question is, Mumford & Sons is the answer. Always.”

2. “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band

“Nothing helps you savor the last vestiges of warmth and the end to midterms more than this country classic. All about appreciating the little things in life—this upbeat, twangy tune will have you rolling down the windows and singing along.”

3. “Home” by Phillip Phillips

“The perfect song if you’re driving home for the break. It will make you consider the home you’re leaving behind, as well as the one you’re heading towards.”


1. “Monument” by MuteMath

“Boasting lyrics like ‘I want to drive an open road’ and a danceable groove, this track is perfect for a road trip kick-off.”

2. “Clover” by Valise

“This track is a good one for listening to on a highway while watching the landscapes slip by and thinking about life.”

3. “Drag” by Day Wave

“With its chill beats and atmospheric sounds, this song would make the perfect rainy day road trip companion.”