By Abby Witt, Staff Writer
Previously, the time to beat was 19:13. At the Greater Louisville Invitational, Falkenberg beat the record by three seconds.

But that was not good enough. One week later The Fast Cats meet in Owensboro, Ky., stood no match for Falkenberg as she crossed the finish line at 18:51 in the 5K.

“The first time I beat the record, I was happy, but I knew I could go faster. My goal for the season was not to break the record, but to break 19 minutes,” said Falkenberg. With ease, Falkenberg accomplished both, coming in 10th place out of 120 competitors and was the second runner from the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference to finish the race.

Her team stood right by her in celebration. Senior Kim Miller was just one among all team members supporting Falkenberg, “The team was thrilled that Katy beat the record again. We weren’t surprised though,” said Miller. “In fact, I think we expected it. We are proud of her, and I know there’s a strong possibility of her running an even faster time at conference.”

From Oct. 5 to 11, Falkenberg held the title of KIAC Player of the Week. But, the reigning KIAC Runner of the Year remains extremely humbled by her talents and honors. “I’ve put a lot of hard work to get to the point that I’m at, this is my seventh year running cross country and each year I’ve gotten better,” she said. “I see all of the hard work that cross country takes as giving glory back to God for the gift that He has given me.”

Being a part of the Asbury University Cross Country Team has meant more to Falkenberg than just playing a sport. “My favorite part of being a member of the AU team is getting to glorify God with my team using the gifts God has given us. We all share a love of running, and each time we race we bring God glory through the talents He has given us,” said Falkenberg.

“It’s been great having Katy on the team and getting to know her. I know that she cares about our team and this sport with every fiber of her being. She sets a good example for us and is also fun to be around,” said Miller.

This is not the end for Falkenberg, as she plans to improve and compete better than before: “I am going to keep working hard and pushing myself as hard as I can. I am happy with 18:51, but I know I can push myself harder and hope to break my record again this season or next.”