By Aaron Evans, Features Editor

As we begin the fall semester, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the tornado of syllabi and mourn the loss of warm weather and three months of freedom. It seems as if the door on summer has been shut, and has takenits homework-free joy and its humid, melted-popsicle glory with it.

However, on August 22, the Luce center became the first-weekend-welcome that is Waterpalooza. Asbury students briefly escaped their syllabus-shock and responsibilities awaiting them via some sunshine, community and a makeshift, soapy slip-and-slide.

With music blaring, students from every class took time out of their Saturday to enjoy the remnants of warm weather and temporarily forget their initial semester anxieties. Covered in soap and mud, students such as junior Abby Raetz noted that they appreciated the simplicity of community and good times found at Waterpalooza.

“It’s great fun,” Raetz said. “It’s just nice to cool off with your friends when it’s hot.”

Student Body President and senior Meredith Anderson shared about the event with me as she volunteered her time hosing down the giant slip-and-slide.

“Waterpalooza is a time for people to get together and enjoy the sun and the first week of classes.” Anderson laughed as she was splashed with water. “It’s a great time to create community and meet some of the new freshman. Also, the music is pretty great too.”

“I really hope Waterpalooza is just a great time for people to get together after the first week of classes and get plugged in to the community here again,” added Claire Lafferty, the new chair of Committee on a Whim, and was primarily responsible for the event. “It’s a great bonding experience.”

Whether it was seeing old friends, meeting new friends, cooling off, or substituting a shower (and we really hope not), Waterpalooza was, once again, something all of campus could enjoy as the perfect end-of-summer and fall semester introduction. Through the soap and mud, this opportunity for Asbury to bond promoted community and set the tone for another great year.