How long have you played volleyball and what position do you play?        

This is my 11th year playing volleyball; I currently play middle hitter.

Do you have any personal goals for this season?    

Playing in college is a gift, and I remind myself that every day. My goal for every season is to improve my skills as much as I can, work hard for my team and enjoy every moment I have with them.

What motivates you more: winning or losing?    

They both motivate in different ways, our team is very competitive so winning gives us energy and confidence in our skills and losing shows us our weaknesses to improve upon.

Who influences you most when it comes to volleyball?    

I think my teammates have the most influence on me, on and off the court. They push me to become a better player and I gain the most motivation from them to work hard every practice and every game.

Do you know what you want to do with your major?    

I am majoring in art with a focus in graphic design, and right now I am also planning to pursue a Graduate degree in fashion merchandising. At this point, I feel God is calling me to New York City, but we’ll see how the next few years go.

What inspires you?    

I love art and music that tell stories; stories of redemption are always amazing to me. I think the most beautiful thing in life is to find hope in the darkest places.

What do you consider to be two important things for teammates to do for each other?    

Supporting each other through everything, from practices to life in general, and also just to be there to create that bond which every team needs to be successful.