By Allison Antram, Staff Writer

As the folk music genre is on the rise (think Hozier, The Civil Wars or Ben Howard), slipping more and more into the airwaves is a folk pop sound (think Of Monsters and Men, Phillip Phillips or Vance Joy). This kind of music carries a quirky, acoustic sound that is irresistibly cheery and feels like a sunny day.

However, this is a genre that I’ve found is pretty vast. There’s always something new to discover. In particular, my recent favorite is Oh Honey – a duo comprised of Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard, who together carry a beautiful harmony creating a sound that Entertainment Weekly describes as delicate and strong (“Oh Honey releases bubbling new single ‘Sugar, You’”). They are now in the process of releasing a series of four EPs, dubbed their “Postcard Series.” So far, three have been released, entitled “With Love,” “Sincerely Yours” and most recently, “Wish You Were Here.”

For those seeking to expand their music taste and playlist, Oh Honey and bands like them is something I would recommend. Disclaimer: I tend to be a fan of happy music and terms of endearment, so I was pretty destined to fall in love with this duo. Regardless, as you assemble your summer playlist, this is why you should give Oh Honey, and others like them – I’m also loving Us the Duo and Twin Forks – a chance.

1. Positivity

As we all trudge through the last weeks of school (wait, what?), this music is characterized by a persistent optimism and bubbly sweetness, and it’s infectious and will legitimately lighten your mood.

2. Summer music

If you want music to set the tone for your summer, songs such as “Be Okay,” are the absolute essence of it. This music feels like windows-down, sun-shining, barefoot days.

3. Encouraging lyrics 

Beyond the initial impression of cheeriness and bliss, Oh Honey’s lyrics carry genuine hope and authenticity. They inspire joy, love, and honesty, even despite difficulty.

4. Unique talent

These voices, though they can be related to some more well-known artists, are not typical. While this means they won’t be for everyone, it also brings a new sound to your playlist that you might just enjoy.