By Paula Diaz, Features Editor

Vindicated, Anchored, Ransomed and Unshakable members. Athletes and non-athletes. The time has arrived. Legacy Games is upon us. How will you and your class reach the top?

The list below is aimed at making you and your class so successful to reaching the top and ensuring the ultimate victory. Enjoy every moment of it for it only comes once a year and may the best class win.

  • Wake up and do 5 push-ups, 10 jumping jacks and 15 sit-ups to channel your inner champion.
  • Follow up with an arm flex in front of the mirror to remind yourself of how strong you are.
  • Before you head out the door, opt for a bottle of Ale8 instead of Gatorade for ultimate energy.
  • Be sure to bulk up with caf meals for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. There is nothing wrong with going back for a second or third spicy chicken sandwich.
  • Run up the steps of Hughes while channeling your inner Rocky. This will ensure that C.S. Lewis and John Wesley are on your side.
  • For a dose of extra luck find Campus Cat (most likely around the Admissions Office) and rub his head.
  • Appoint the brightest and strongest members in your class to lead events. Their motivation will give you much needed motivation.
  • Make sure to buy enough eye black for all the events. This will intimidate the other classes, giving you an advantage.
  • And finally, before ANY event, get in a huddle with your class members and chant your class hymn. This will for sure give you an edge ensuring triumph.

Make sure to sign up for what events you’d like to be a part of in the Student Center next week.