By Aaron Evans, Opinion Editor

Do you wake up in the morning, drawing back the curtains, and long for golden sun and green grass to greet your sleepy eyes? Do you crave the sound of birds singing and the soft touch of pollen floating past your face? Do you love shedding those long sleeves, jeans and oversized sweaters to free your dormant, alabaster limbs? Have you been waiting with bated breath to read your fascinating textbooks in the blooming, green semicircle, surrounded by your favorite spring couples that never seem to leave YOUR FAVORITE BENCH?
Yes, the awakening of spring and the revival of warm weather is to be hallowed, to say the least. And how could the balmy spring and summer months not be filled with complete elation? Our eyes catch a fire when we think of blooming trees and (blue)grass in place of snow.
However, dearest friends, have we thought of the bitter consequences of warm weather? Do we fully grasp the loss we experience when our good friend Winter bids us a frosty farewell?

Wake up, Asbury. Warm weather is out to steal your chilly joy, and here’s three reasons why:
1. No more winter clothing
You can kiss your favorite, soft winter sweater goodbye along with all the snow and ice. No more will you be able to fall into the 100% cotton arms of that lovely sweater who knows you best, who loves you without expecting anything in return.
How dare we allow the unconditional love our sweaters provide be so conditional?
Also, let us not forget the sweater’s cousin from the north, the beanie. Yeah, when the temperatures skyrocket, you have to actually do something with your hair. Do you know how much extra effort in the morning that’s going to take? A beanie life is an easy life.
And our final, but not forgotten friend, the scarf. Who else will tenderly choke you for the sake of shielding your poor flesh from the cold? And, let’s be transparent here, you know you look 10 times cooler wearing a scarf. You can throw your hip, artsy persona out the window come springtime.

2. Warm drinks
Have you tried drinking hot chocolate in the spring? It’s gross and it feels like you’re chugging melted Hershey bars down your throat.
And hot coffee? I mean, I will always drink hot coffee, and no weather will change that, but how much more gratifying is a cup of steaming coffee or tea as the snow collects in friendly piles outside your window?
Yeah, you know that sounds pleasant. Don’t even pretend like you haven’t dreamt of moments like that.  
I know, I know, most places served iced coffee and tea, but how boring is that? Iced drinks will never bring you the coziness that warm drinks will.

3. Snow. Days.
As in class is not required, and your only assignment is stay warm and watch dumb movies with your friends in your dorm or sing every song from “Frozen” because you actually do want to build a snowman for once.
Our three days of no class were a dream for me. Ever since my freshman year, I’ve always wanted to have all the joys of Asbury without having to go class. Those three days were a dream come true. I just spent all my time with my friends and making toast on my iron (yes, you read that right. I grill toast on my iron).
Even better, the less class we have, the more time we can spend at Solomon’s Porch. For me, this is time well spent.