By Cynthia Moberly, Staff Writer

The votes have been cast, and the official results for the 2015 Executive Cabinet are in: Student Body President will be junior Meredith Anderson, VP of Student Governance will be sophomore Matt Jackson,  and VP of Student Activities will junior Ben Garverick.
Junior Stephanie Chen was elected Executive Secretary, and also elected were the Freshman Class Sponsors, who will be juniors Ben Callicott and Megan Palmer.
Anderson says that she has many specific goals for next year. “Since I have mostly been a part of student activities in Student Government, I feel that growing the Asbury community is really important,” Anderson said. “I would like to incorporate this mentality into the vision and goal of ASC next year.”
Chen and Jackson agree that one of their goals is to continue to facilitate the existing feeling of community and get to know more students. “I am super excited about the results,” said Jackson. “I think we have an awesome team that will work really well together. I am most excited to have the opportunity to serve Asbury in a larger capacity, and really be as big of a voice as possible for the student body.”
Jackson is also the only Executive Cabinet member for next year that is not in the Ransomed class.
“I am really excited about being able to serve the whole campus and just being involved in this opportunity,” Chen said.
Garverick says that he wants to continue to facilitate the growth in on-campus events, including bringing new ideas for events to the table. “Next year I want to continue what Meredith started by making sure there is an event every weekend so students will want to stay on campus and have fun,” he said.
The elected Class Sponsors for the class of 2019, Ben Calicott and Megan Palmer, are excited to be working together once again in mentoring the incoming freshman of 2015.
“I’m a mixture of relieved, glad and ready to dive into what’s next,” Calicott said when asked how he felt about the election. “I’m very excited to work with Megan Palmer again—we were freshmen together, TAG Leaders, WHATT partners, and now Class Sponsors together.”
This host of elected officials looks very promising for growth in the next school year, including a strong set of leaders with a variety of majors and interests. “God has amazing things in store, so be ready and keep praying for the future,” Calicott said.