1) How long have you been cheering and what made you decide to join Asbury’s squad?

I have been cheering for 12 years.  I decided to join Asbury’s cheerleading team because I had always wanted to be a collegiate cheerleader and so being on the cheer team was part of my college choice. 

 2) Do you have a favorite memory from one of your trips to cheer for a basketball team?

One of my favorite times traveling with the team for a game was just this past fall. We all had so much fun jamming to music and goofing around and just enjoying the drive together.

3) What are some of the more difficult stunts that you have had to master for cheerleading.

  One stunt in cheerleading that is very important for all flyers to master is called a lib.   In this stunt the flyer is only on one leg and the reason this is important is because a lot of stunts use this as the basis for pulling harder skills for quad stunting and pyramids. 

 4) What would you say the greatest difficulty is that comes with cheerleading?

One of the greatest difficulties that comes with cheerleading is also one of the best parts of cheerleading.  Cheerleading doesn’t happen without a team, and therefore, if one person isn’t there or doesn’t know the stunt or cheer then the whole team suffers. 

 5) Are there any misconceptions you think people have about cheerleading? 

I think one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about cheerleading is that it isn’t a sport. One of the reasons I have been given is because people don’t think it takes or requires athleticism, when in actuality, cheerleading requires a lot of athleticism from coordination to endurance to strength.    

6) Do you plan to do anything with cheerleading once you have graduated? If not, how has cheerleading equipped you for your future?

I hope to coach cheerleading after I graduate!

7) What other hobbies do you enjoy when you are off the court?  

I am also in Asbury’s concert band; I play the flute.  I enjoy making bows for an Etsy store my sister and I have.  I also enjoy water sports and going camping with my family