By Meredith Schellin, Executive Editor

While most classes were spending last week getting adjusted to reading assignments, projects and copious note-taking, PS 300: Washington Federal Seminar was painting Washington D.C. red, white and blue as they received a hands-on experience listening to a variety of speakers, visiting monuments and exploring the nation’s capitol. 

The class had a busy schedule as they explored a variety of sites from the Supreme Court and the White House, to the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery and the National Gallery of Art. 

In addition to visiting some of the nation’s most iconic sites, the class also had the opportunity to hear noted speakers. For senior Kelsey Adams, U.S Senate chaplain Barry Black proved to be the most interesting. “He has an incredible testimony, and the Holy Spirit was so clearly upon him. I could’ve listened to him speak for hours.” 

Senior Elijah Friedeman found the conference speakers interesting as well, particularly Ryan Anderson, a scholar with the Heritage Foundation. 

For both Friedeman and Adams, this trip was more than just visiting Washington D.C.  “The Washington Federal Seminar introduces students to the realities of governing, “ said Friedeman. “Additionally, the course allows students to hear from great speakers on a variety of policy issues to broaden our perspectives.”

Adams echoed his statement, “I loved hearing from the conference speakers, Prof. Silvanik, and my fellow students, “Adams said. “Not only did this trip give me a deeper understanding of how our government works, but I also got to watch it in action.”