By Allison Antram, Staff Writer

Pink, red, flowers, chocolate and hearts are everywhere; Valentine’s Day is upon us, and a spectrum of emotions from head-over-heels love to bitter resentment come alongside it. Regardless, with a better perspective, we all can find more creative ways to enjoy the day.

“It’s a day to be selfless and express to the person you love how much you care about them. You don’t think about yourself on Valentine’s Day, you think about the people you love,” said freshman Catie Lien about her opinion on the day of love. She explained that the day carried happy memories for her: “There’s actually a tradition in my family that on Valentine’s Day we watch Pillow Talk—a romantic comedy from the 1960s…It was the movie my parents watched the day my dad proposed to my mom.”

This day has great potential, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Movies in particular are a great and simple way to celebrate with the people you love. Ladies, we don’t have to stick to Titanic or The Notebook (it’s possible a tissue box may not even be necessary). Gentleman, you don’t have to endure said sappy movies. One creative option is to watch an older classic, such as Casablanca. “On Valentine’s Day, I think you should watch a classic romance with a significant other or with a group of friends,” said sophomore Matt Jackson. He also recommended the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The old-school romance of “Audrey Hepburn, New York City and the 1960’s,” makes this a great movie for Valentine’s Day.

Senior Elijah Friedeman gave an interesting idea as well – Rocky. “[It’s] pretty romantic once you get beyond the two dudes beating each other up.” Of course there’s the ever-popular romantic comedy as well, but there are plenty beyond the typical Valentine’s Day. Lien said her favorite is a tie between Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. Jackson cited his favorite as Silver Linings Playbook: “It is hilarious, touching, dark and dramatic at the same time.” Friedeman’s pick is Hitch, no competition, because “it’s the perfect combination of humor, romance and cheesy platitudes about love.” Also, who doesn’t love Will Smith?

If you’re looking for something more traditionally romantic, there are plenty of movies outside of Nicholas Sparks. For instance, Lien recommended Pride and Prejudice. If you really hate Valentine’s Day and need a film that echoes that, there are options for that as well. Recently released Gone Girl, about a husband and wife out to kill one another, would suit the mood well. Any horror or super-adrenaline filled movie might be good for this. If you want something more light-hearted, Lien cited 500 Days of Summer as a film with a great soundtrack and a quirky comedy that is not about love.

However, I hope you don’t hate Valentine’s Day, because it doesn’t have to be as stereotypical as you think. Friedeman discussed movies ranging from Up – a Disney movie about a genuine commitment between a husband and wife – to Gladiator, “The story of… a man who deeply loves his wife and son and is motivated by their murders to avenge them and free Rome from tyranny…Talk about true love.” There is no singular definition of what Feb. 14 has to look like, but whatever it is for you, let the people you love and movies that capture the mood make the day enjoyable.