By Freddy Mbesi, Contributing Writer

The McCreless building is the hub of many extraordinary things. Within that particular building, one-third of the student body at Asbury are hard at work, practice rooms filled with students striving to sing every single note in tune or  master an exciting and challenging overture and present it effortlessly. These students are persevering through rigorous rehearsals, perfecting their particular musical field, whether it is instrumental, vocal, or in many cases, both.

Up comes concert day. The students walk onto the gloriously lit Hughes Auditorium and are prepared to show all the hard work they have put into this music. Imagine the gut-wrenching level of disappointment when the auditorium is not even half-full, the only audience members being the staff members and family members of the performers. Asbury is a school where a student’s voice can be heard. Can the same thing be said about their musical voice? If barely anyone is around to hear it, I think not. The rest of the Asbury student body should be more supportive of the Music Department and the numerous concerts they host.

Imagine how much better these students would be feeling if their concert audiences were filled as much as the soccer games or other sporting events are. We are all different. If we as a student body have that sense of community that we always advertise, we should support each other in the different activities we participate in, like music.

“Not enough students take the time to go and see their friends in their concerts,” senior and SASF Band member Joshua Davis said. “If there is something that you love, you want people to support you in those things and not just the interests you share in common.”

Asbury is one of only two private schools within the state of Kentucky to have a nationally accredited music program with 95 percent of its music graduates successfully being able to find jobs in the music area. That can be attributed not only to the superb music staff Asbury is fortunate to have, but the students in the program who put in the hard work and dedication to maintain that reputation.

 “The concerts give students a great (and also free) opportunity to hear and learn to appreciate different types of music.” sophomore and Women’s Choir member Anna Corbitt said. “It’s the only time in our lives that we will have four years of free concerts at our fingertips, so it would be a shame to miss them.”

Students who currently do not attend some concerts may attribute their lack of attendance to not having enough time to go. Luckily, the concert schedule is posted online so students can plan ahead and see when the next concert they can go to is.

One of the greatest sounds during a concert is the powerful roar of applause from a filled auditorium, providing the performers that sense of accomplishment, excitement, and happiness that they have achieved their objective and put on a great musical presentation. You, the Asbury student body, can add to that and make a difference in these students’ lives. Encouragement is the key between letting music live and letting music die, so which will you choose?          / Photo by Kiernan McKay