Paula Diaz, Features Editor

From magicians to singers, Asbury’s Student Activities Board has been doing all it can to bring great entertainment to campus. And from the looks of this last week’s special guest, they’re doing everything right.

“Last semester, Student Activities Board (SAB) invited illusionist Harris III to speak in chapel and for an event that night. It was so successful that we decided it would be great to have another event like it this semester,” Vice President of Student Activities Meredith Anderson said. “John Felts contacted Heather Tyner about coming to Asbury…I brought some of his comedy clips to an SAB meeting and the members agreed that he would be funny to have at Asbury.”

And funny he definitely was. Laughter rung out among the student-packed back room of the Student Center from the start of Felts’s routine to its very end.

“John Felts had me weak on Friday night. By the end of his show I left with a sore jaw and tight abs from laughing so hard,” junior Kayleen Bengston said. “He had done his research with nonstop jokes about all things Asbury. I think overall he integrated humor and faith exceptionally well – hilariously funny and clean. I think we definitely should have him back again!”

His mentions of Asbury stereotypes, campus cat, spicy chicken Thursdays and Harry Potter chapel references kept the attention on Felts the whole night, with mixed thoughts from students.

“His mannerisms and ability to work with the audience really carried the routine,” junior Brian Patterson said. “His jokes were okay, but his ability to read the audience and understand the campus kept the laughs coming.”

Others felt like his comments on Asbury were a little too much.

“It seemed a lot less like original stand up comedy but more so of poking fun at various [Asbury] subjects,” junior Maryanne Lloyd said.

Regardless of whether or not his mentions of Asbury stereotypes were too close for comfort, they brought together the Asbury community for a night of laughter. Felts’s mentions of the things that make Asbury as unique as it is, was a reminder of how much of a family the university is.

Community, which is one of Asbury’s top priorities, was definitely seen with the number of students at last week’s event, showing that the Student Activities Board has the right idea.

“The turn out for the event was great,” Anderson said. “So many people showed up, indicating to us that events like this are something that students want to see happening.”