Class: Unshakable

Major: Social Work

What committee do you represent on ASC?

Food Services Committee

What’s the importance of it?

The committee regularly meets with the cafeteria staff to share the ideas and concerns of students.They really want to know how students feel about their service and are willing to work to make changes to accommodate student needs. Gluten free options, fruit at every meal, more variety in food choices and even the new soft-serve machine have all come about because of student requests made through the Food Services Committee.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve taken away from your time involved in this committee?

Being involved has given me a better understanding of how much time and hard work is put into food management and how concerned the cafeteria staff are about meeting the needs of students. They are such a valuable part of our community at Asbury.

What do you want other students on campus to know about it?

Every one of you has the opportunity to be involved in what happens at our cafeteria. If you write a comment note and post it on the blackboard by the dish return, your feedback will be taken seriously and you will get a written response from a cafeteria manager. What you say matters! Also, there are so many people on campus like Paul Stephens, Jeff Shafer, Todd Goepper and many others who do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make our campus a better place. Please thank them!