By Hunter Miller, Features Editor




Biology and Psychology

What is your position on ASC?

I am the Vice President of Student Activities.

What is your role on ASC?

I help coordinate all of the student activities on campus by supervising the events committees.

What’s your favorite aspect about being involved with ASC?

I love getting to work with such amazing [and] hardworking people. Also, planning activities that I think the student body will enjoy is so fun.

 How has being involved with ASC helped you through your time here?

ASC has been great for meeting new people and getting involved on campus. I really love Asbury, so getting to be a part of making positive changes on campus that students want to see happen is so awesome. I never did student congress in high school and I am so grateful that I decided to get involved in college. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in making an impact on campus.

What’s something you want the student body to know about ASC?

ASC is not limited to the people who are on student congress. It requires input from the entire student body, so don’t be afraid to come talk to some ASC members about changes you would like to see happen. Whether it be caf food or a certain activity you would like to do, ASC has the power to make a difference on campus through the students, and anyone can be a part of that change.