By Paula Diaz, Features Editor


Ransomed Class



What campus group do you represent on ASC?

I represent the Sigma Zeta Math & Science Honor Society.  You can typically find our members deep within the science building playing with dangerous chemicals or stuffed away in the library reading classic, stirring works such as Harris’ Quantitative Chemical Analysis or possibly even Kuby’s Immunology.

What’s the importance of Sigma Zeta?

Sigma Zeta is a vital part of our Natural Sciences Department.  Because it is recognized as a national honors society, it helps students network and begin their professional careers here at Asbury.  Most critically, Sigma Zeta helps organize many events for the Natural Sciences Department, including the annual cookout and Kid’s College.

 How has being involved in the group helped you through your time at Asbury?

Being involved in Sigma Zeta has really been a blessing.  Before serving on the cabinet, I attended lots of Sigma Zeta events and developed good friendships through that with professors and classmates (friendships formed through science are nerdy and absolutely wonderful, by the way).

 What do you want other students on campus to know about it/how can they get involved?

For those who have any interest in super-cool science or spending time with awesome, amazing kids, Kid’s College is fast approaching (March 7th) and everyone on campus is welcome to volunteer.  During Kid’s College, the science department is opened up to kids from all across the state and we conduct exciting chemistry, biology and physics labs with them.  Volunteers are needed to help with all sorts of things including taking kids from room to room and helping conduct experiments with them.  If you have any interest in volunteering, or wish to know more about Sigma Zeta and how to get involved, please feel free to contact me at