Paula Diaz, Features Editor

Class: Unshakable

Major: Ancient Languages and History

What campus group/committee do you represent on ASC?

I serve as the chairman of the Academic and Institutional Issues Committee.

 What’s the importance of it?

Our committee acts as a voice for the student body. This is a very important committee because we write and attempt to pass proposals (through SGA, ASC, and ultimately the Board of Trustees) on issues our student body wants to change. If anyone on campus feels compelled to make a change please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else on the committee.

What’s been the best moment you’ve experienced while involved with it?

My favorite experience I’ve had on the committee is getting to talk about new issues on campus with different people. To name a few, Anna Corbit, Stephanie Chen, Christina Williams and Austen Broome have been awesome to work with.

What do you want other students on campus to know about it?

I want students to feel comfortable expressing their concerns, and new ideas with our committee. We welcome all new ideas for further discussion and brainstorming.