By Hannah Schultz, News Editor

On Monday, a group of Asbury students participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr., Freedom March in downtown Lexington. The group was a contingent of Plowshares, sponsored by David Swartz, and members of the Allelon Club, numbering about 30 to 40 people in total. 

Plowshares began in 2012 as a group of faculty, community members and students who were concerned about issues such as peace and social justice. 

Plowshares meets once a month at Swartz’s home in Wilmore to discuss a wide range of topics centered around resolving conflict. These have included interpersonal conflict resolution, violence in the Old Testament, Thomas Merton and the role of hospitality in resolving conflict. 

“Instead of turning instinctively to military action in international conflicts or violence in times of community conflicts, we want to provide resources for peaceful resolution,” said Swartz.