Abby Witt, Staff Writer

As a college student, I can easily say my least favorite daily activity is exercising. Even though it’s something that drives me insane, why do I continue to take part in it? I contemplate this every single day as I walk up to the Luce Center. But, overall, I know I need to. Fitness is essential for everyone, and I firmly believe those who exercise live a happier and healthier life.

There are two huge mistakes that people make when finding the right fitness plan for themselves. One, they are comparing themselves to a supposed “perfect size” that may or may not be possible to achieve. Two, they are not practicing good fitness to make themselves feel better; they are doing it for other, less healthy, reasons. It may be to drop x amount of sizes in jeans, impress that cute boy across the room, or to try and fit their body into an unrealistic mold. Having the right mindset is the most important aspect of beginning a fit life. Do it for yourself. Make your goal to get into shape and set realistic goals. If your goals are too extreme, it is harder to stick to the nutrition and exercise plans you have set. I have tried a crazy amount of exercise programs and done an even higher number of nutrition plans. The main thing I have learned is that those extremes plans are not permanent. Whether it is through the Insanity program, P90x, or plans like the South Beach Diet, I see great results, but they don’t last.

It is all about exercising a reasonable amount and eating the right amount of food to accommodate to your everyday life. Any point is a starting point in living a healthier life.

Not sure where to start? Take 30 or 40 minutes at the gym and try to complete this circuit as many times as you can:

8-12 Dumbbell Lunges

8-12 Pushups

90 second rest

5-8 Bodyweight Squats

10-15 Calf Raises

60 second rest

12-15 Dumbell Curls

12-15 Dumbell Shoulder Presses

90 Second rest

Plank for 60-90 seconds

Leg Lift for 60-90 seconds

2 minute rest