By Paula Diaz, Features Editor

With a new year upon us there’s obviously no better way to start off 2015 then with resolutions to make this year better and more memorable than the last. So good luck on your endeavors, Asburians, and may the odds be ever in your favor this 2015!

“I want to finish off spring semester with a 4.0.” 

Maryanne Lloyd, Junior

“I want to become a fireman.”

Sam Lyons, Junior

“This semester I think it would be cool to focus on meeting someone new every day. Also I should probably stop biting my nails.”

Aaron Winneroski, Sophomore

“I’d like to speak in chapel!”

Bryce Shockley, Sophomore

“I just want to survive.”

Dana Nurge, Junior

“I want to master Italian fouettés.”

Grace Wilson, Freshman

“I’ve decided that I’m striving to have more hope built in God this year.”

Fred Mbesi, Sophomore

“I want to hit every BBQ joint in Lexingon.”

Gabe Willison, Junior

“I’d love to meet new people and grow closer to the people in my class.”

Katie Rutledge, Freshman

“I’d like to party with Jake Halm.”

Ken Lutz, Junior

“I’d like to go to College Day at Keeneland, be a mascot for a day and wear the Isaiah mascot suit, and go camping at the Gorge.”

Caiti Maumenee, Senior

“I’d like to party with Ken Lutz.”

Jake Halm, Junior

“I’d like to explore the Asbury tunnels.”

Matt Barrick, Senior

“I’d love to take one weekend and do a solo hiking trip.”

Matt Barrick, Senior

“I want to run a half marathon!”

Cassie Holland, Junior

“I plan on not drinking any soda this semester and working out three times a week.”

Andrew Marquez, Junior

“One thing that I would like to accomplish this semester is to find a job in the Equine Field for when I graduate this May.”

Justine Vonderheide, Senior