Photo by Bryan Garrett

Photo by Bryan Garrett

By Gabe Willison and Paula Diaz, Contributing Writer; Features Editor

Q: What  advice  would  you  give  to  men  who want  to  grow  a  beard?
A: Don’t shave but keep it clean.

Q: Have  you  ever  considered  any  other  facial styles?
A: Well, I had a mustache this summer when I wasn’t allowed to grow a beard while working for Cedar Point. I also had mutton chops one Christmas, which my mom hated.

Q: So  how  long  have  you  been  working  on  this specific beard?
A: Since Aug. 10, so about three months.

Q: What  advice  would  you  give  to  the girlfriends  of  the  men who  want  to participate  in  No S have  November?
A: It’s only one month out of the year. Just let it grow, you can’t hold it back anymore.

Q: Is  it  hard  to  take  care  of?
A: It’s not too bad to take care of. You just have to treat it like regular hair.

Q: Is  there  a  “Legion  of  Beards?”
A: Definitely. We give each other head nods when we pass by each other.

Q: Does  your  face  ever  get  too  hot  with
your beard?
A: During the summer it doesn’t feel noticeably warm when I have a full beard; however, when it’s shaved I definitely feel the cold on my face.

Q: What  are  your  goals  for  your  beard?
A: I plan to see if I can grow it out for a year. Besides that I don’t have any other long-term goals.

Q: What  do  ladies  normally  think  about  it?
A: They have various opinions. My mom and sister hate it but some girls really like it. It’s a very polarizing topic. There’s no in-between.

Q: Have  you  always  had  a  beard?
A: Well, from the age of one to 17 I didn’t have a beard, but I could first grow it after I turned 17.

 Q: What’s  been  your  favorite  beard  moment?
A: When I first grew it out and started getting compliments. It was a pretty cool thing.

Q: What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had with a beard?
A: Food gets [stuck] in it. Also, it gets sticky whenever I eat ice cream – that’s the biggest struggle.

Q: Do  you  use  any  specific  products  on  your beard?
A: I normally use beard oil and balm from The Mod Cabin. I have super sensitive skin and want to make sure it doesn’t get super dry and flaky, also known as “beard druff.”

Q: Has  your  beard  ever  made  you  look older?
A:  I’ve been asked if I was a seminary student, a non-traditional student, a senior, or if I’m 26 years old when I’m only 19.  Some people have been under the opinion that I was homeless. Just [the other day] I was with my roommate at Sam’s Club when one of our friend’s mom drove by and asked if my roommate was my son.