By Miranda Lopez, Contributing Writer

For two consecutive weeks my boyfriend showed me the “Interstellar” trailer at least twice a day. He read unending articles in Time Magazine and online reviews while listening to the Hans Zimmer soundtrack on repeat. His birthday just so happened to fall on the opening night of “Interstellar.”
Of course, you guessed it. The whole family and myself all piled into Amstar movie theater with four extra large popcorns and Sno-Caps for the 9 p.m. premiere of a three-hour movie on a school night.
My skepticism and fatigue were growing rapidly. The previews roared through the speaker as my boyfriend leaned over and said, “Here we go, your life is about to be changed forever.” I rolled my eyes and smiled, completely oblivious to the truth that statement held.
Christopher Nolan, director, producer and writer of “Interstellar” (also of “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” and “Batman Begins”), takes us through a wild ride through space, time and an undeniable bond between a father and his children.
Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) makes the heart-wrenching decision to pursue his passion of traveling to space to save the world, yet destroying his family with his absence, specifically his daughter (Jessica Chastain).
This action packed, mind-blowing film captures the emotional rollercoaster, or spaceship in this case, that life brings. We are taken through darkness with no time but every bit of intentionality to fulfill Cooper’s destined purpose. It leaves us on the edge of our seats, begging for answers.
“Interstellar” is one of the first films of today to explore the present day mysteries of space. Nolan successfully unified science and religion to open doors to a whole new universe of faith.
In Cooper’s desperation, he seeks to bring safety, love and compassion to the world below him.  All these elements in the film are key aspects of faith.
While Nolan’s directing is highly notable, the essence of the film comes from the music. Nolan and Zimmer (composer of the “Interstellar” soundtrack) harmonize to create an unforgettable spiritual experience that a church or worship service simply won’t give you.
Zimmer provides us with cathedral-style pieces as we travel through the breathtaking scenes of space. His combination of drastic silence and a powerful organ dramatically awakens the plot and brings to life the characters of the film.
Nolan constructed an unbelievably deep connection between the characters and his audience. Witnessing the pain inflicted upon Cooper’s daughter over her father’s absence cultivated a familiar emotion within me regarding my personal faith.
“Interstellar” invites us to be part of a bigger picture and engaged in the nebulous atmosphere beyond our world. It is the dawn of movies of its kind. It is a must-see and an extraordinary experience.
As for me, this film is proof that a father will eliminate time, love deeply and care vastly to communicate fully to his children. That alone permits me to say that “Interstellar” did, in fact, change my life forever.