By Karis Rogerson, Online Managing Editor

Asbury hosted its first on-campus event that included dancing Sat., Nov. 15. The event, officially called an “activity,” was a Hoe-Down that took place at the Asbury barn.
It was an idea that first came to Amanda VanNoppen, co-chair of the Committee on a Whim, last year.
“A year and a half ago, I was trying to figure out a way to connect the Asbury equine world with student activities,” VanNoppen said. “I felt like this kind of event would bring students on Asbury’s campus to the equine world.”
After passing the idea through a chain of people including Harold Rainwater, Heather Tyner and Sarah Baldwin, the event was approved.
VanNoppen and Amelia Hegle, her co-chair, said that while attendance was low at the beginning of the event, at one point they counted 110 people on the floor.
Publicity for the event did not begin until early the week it happened. VanNoppen and Hegle, said they believe this might have caused low attendance, but added, “At the same time Asbury students go to so many events based on word-of-mouth anyway and it doesn’t take long for people to find out about events that are happening.”