Physical therapy / Daytona Beach, FL

 What has been your favorite part of the season?

I enjoy spending time with, and playing with my team, especially the seniors.

 What do you find motivates you most?

Playing for the person next to me and certain goals I set for myself motivate me.

 What goals did you have for this season?

My goal has been to get 7 shutouts and make it to the national tournament. [Ed. note: Burns recorded 3 shutouts on the season and the team made it to the KIAC semifinals]

 What position do you play on the team?

I’m the goalkeeper.

 What is a hobby of yours some may not know? 

I like cooking and spending time with Jimmie Roper.

 What other sports team on campus do you admire?

I admire the basketball team.

 Do you have a teammate that motivates you?

Adam Howard knows how to motivate me because he’s been around me ever since I stepped foot on this campus.