By Allison Antram, Staff Writer

Coming into college, I heard horror stories about finals week (cue scary music): the daunting week at the conclusion of every semester that jams months of knowledge into several tests, presentations and papers. I arrived at school expecting tears, sleepless nights and certain death. However, I’ve found instead that I genuinely love finals week – and you should too (or at least not hate it). Here’s five reasons why:

1. No Classes

Yes, you have a test, or multiple tests, every day. However, you have basically all day to study for it. There have been plenty of times during the semester where I have multiple tests or assignments due on the same day; at least you don’t have to worry about going to class, too.

2. Stress Brings Bonding

Yes, everyone is freaking out, but we’re all freaking out together. Everyone is studying, stressing and crying alongside you. When we are all being crazy together, funny things happen and so do great memories.

3. Caffeine Galore

 Coffee on coffee on coffee. Also adds to the craziness mentioned in #2.

4. “Calories  don’t  Count”

The almighty slogan for finals week, because your health becomes the least of your concerns. This often means astonishing amounts of food runs and more sweets than you could ever hope to consume.

5. Christmas is Coming

Christmas music and movies and ugly sweaters are in full swing and joy is in the air. Not only does Christmas add to the sweets consumption as mentioned in #4, but it also means there’s a lot to look forward to. We’re about to go home and do nothing for an entire month – and there’s nothing more exciting than the promise of endless Netflix.

I’m a firm believer that your attitude takes precedence over your circumstances, and that goes for finals week. The attitude you have toward it is the difference between misery and a funny memory. While the week may very well include tears or sleepless nights, one way or another, I promise you, you will make it through the week, and will laugh about it soon after. So by all means, study hard – that is ultimately what you’re here for – but keep in mind that college is not only an education, but an experience. Happy studying!