By Karis Rogerson, Online Managing Editor

A website that claims to tell you everything about how to deal with guys? From what they really think about a girl’s weight to advice about variety in our wardrobes, “The Rules Revisited” seems like a dream come true. I can finally unravel the mystery of my lack of dates!

That was my first thought. It’s all fun and games for the first few articles. The longer you spend on there, though, the more revolting it becomes.

Is revolting too strong a word? I don’t think so. Let’s revisit (hah) the facts. This is a blog, written by a man who professes to be able to fix all of our men problems. Who says that if we just follow his little formula, we’ll stumble across our perfect man and entrap him with our wiles.

Excuse me while I vomit out my disgust at your offense to both women and men.

Women first. Because The Rules Revisited is based on the assumption that all women care about is finding a man. What is this, the 50s all over again? While there are some women who do wish only to find a husband, there are many others who dream of other things; things like having a career, like making a difference in the world, which we can do with or without a man by our sides.

Yes, there are times when I sit in my room and just want someone to love me. But there are more times when I fantasize about doing big things and positively impacting others. And frankly, as much as I am intrigued by finding out the “secrets” to capturing someone’s heart, I’m more offended by the assumption about my priorities.

But even more, I think the website makes offensive assumptions about men. It assumes that all men are cut from the same cookie mold. The author is saying, “Because I and a few of my friends feel one way, all men feel this way.”

Now, I’m not a man, but I have a hunch that they’re not all robots who have been programmed to feel one and only one way. It’s unfair to men to treat them as though they are.