By Meredith Schellin
Executive Editor

While Will McBride’s sci-fi drama may not have taken home any awards at Asbury’s 10th annual Highbridge Film Festival last April, this summer he won a student Emmy for short form fiction from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for the Ohio chapter.  

“I didn’t do very well at Highbridge. Actually I didn’t win anything,” said McBride. “I still thought it was a pretty good film so I was looking to put it into other festivals. Someone mentioned the student Emmys so I gave it a shot and it paid off.”

McBride believes that contests like this one are essential for students and beginning filmmakers to initially share their ideas and talents with the world.

“The Emmys offer me the rare opportunity to display my work on a professional level,” said McBride. “It also gave me great pride and confidence for my work to be recognized and appreciated.”

Winning awards, however, is not what inspires McBride in his filmmaking, but rather the idea of creating and sharing a story propels his drive to pursue moviemaking.

“I love stories. I love books and television, but I especially love movies. There’s something so satisfying about watching a story that began in your head become real right before your eyes,” said McBride. “It’s one of the best things in the world, the sense of ac- complishment that comes with making your own movie.”

In addition to McBride, recent graduate Nathaniel Winckler also received a student Emmy. Students Bryce Ury, Kyle Thiele and recent graduate Zack Brewer received honorable mentions.  

Even having won a student Emmy, McBride’s moviemaking career is just beginning. He looks forward to a future of storytelling and captivating audiences post graduation.

“My dream would be to make my own stories. I want to share my thoughts and ideas and entertain people. Movies give you such a unique opportunity to share with the world,” said McBride. “For two hours people will just sit there and allow fresh ideas and thoughts to fill their mind. That’s a special thing that few people understand, and I find it a privilege to be a part of it.”