By Paula Diaz
Features Editor

Whether you’re a freshman or a transfer and new to the state, Kentucky may seem completely new and different to you. From the amount of grass to the horses and Ale8, the culture shock may be immense. But two years after my arrival to Asbury it’s safe to say that just about everything I thought about this state before coming has proved to be, for the most part, incorrect. So here’s a little something to help all you newbies into your new “old Kentucky” home.

“Are you going to have Kentucky Fried Chicken every day?”
No you’re not, and I can assure in you that I certainly haven’t. As surprising as it sounds, the closest KFC is about a 30 minute drive from campus and in the past two years that I’ve been at Asbury I haven’t had KFC at all. What I have had in place of it is Cane’s, which in my opinion is much tastier. With their scrumptious Cane’s sauce and deliciously sweet tea, I’ve been better off investing (not spending) my money there constantly.

“Cows and horses are a man’s best friends in Kentucky.”
There are certainly both cows and horses in Kentucky, but they are not a part of my daily life. In my time here I haven’t even ridden a horse or milked a cow. However, I have gotten to explore Louisville’s Churchill Downs and attend Keeneland, which are definitely big parts of Kentucky’s culture.

“You better get used to not wearing shoes around campus.”
Sorry to disappoint, but I like my feet too much to keep them bare. While there are people that like to indulge in some barefoot walking around campus, there aren’t nearly enough to even make this a Kentucky stereotype.

“No bigger fans anywhere than them Georgia Bulldogs fans!”
Lies. Biggest lie around. Since I grew up in Georgia I always assumed that the University of Georgia fans were the most involved ones around, but I was definitely in for a surprise when I moved to Kentucky, or more specifically, to Lexington. Here in this city you either bleed blue (for the University of Kentucky), or keep your sports opinions to yourself. This past March I got somewhat involved in keeping up with all of March Madness and experiencing Kentucky’s very surprising rise to the championship. Never have I ever heard of the death of so many couches, may they all rest in peace. Even with their loss, the state continues to proudly bleed blue. One thing for sure, this state loves its football and basketball and makes sure to wrap you up in all of its excitement. So prepare yourself, newbies.

“Your winters will be long and cold.”
Words can’t express how much trust I have lost in all weathermen and weather apps since moving to Kentucky. I was warned about the cold winters, but I definitely wasn’t warned about the bipolar weather. If there’s one thing I’ve definitely learned from Kentucky’s weather it’s to always have my flip-flops and winter coat on hand.

“There’s nothing like the South and its sweet tea.”
In regards to it’s sweet tea, good try Kentucky. There’s nothing like sweet tea from Georgia, nor will there ever be. However, if we’re talking about Ale8, that’s where Kentucky has hit the jackpot. Make some room for it in your fridges and stomachs, newbies, because this drink is now a part of your life. So while Kentucky has lived up to some of its stereotypes, its been filled with more positive reactions than negative ones. It may not feel like home yet, newbies, but give it a chance. Kentucky is unlike any other state, so enjoy it before your time at Asbury ends!