By Lael Shields

Contributing Writer


What is Asbury like during the summer, when its students have left for home, its dorms sit empty and the cafeteria a ghost town? I never thought you’d ask.

It’s pretty empty without you guys always petting me, giving me food and taking selfies with me. While I got to spend some quality time with security and the occasional visit from Dr. Gray, I got to catch up on some much-needed cat time. In case you’re wondering, this is what my summer looked like:

  • Laid on Sandra Gray’s yard getting my tan on. If only my fur could be as golden as her hair.
  • Camped out in my hammock on the semicircle. Can I be an Adventure Leadership major now?
  • Strugglebussed my way onto those new couches in the Stuce. I’m really sorry for scratching all of them.  
  • Thought about majoring in Media Communications like every other cool kitty in school.
  • Did devotionals with the squirrels in the semicircle. Jesus Calling, anyone?
  • Read “Lacrosse for Dummies.” Can I join Screaming Eagles yet?! 
  • Played some icebreakers with the freshman. #ThanksHeatherTyner
  • Got scolded by campus security for being out past curfew. I just ran up a tree. 

It’s great to have you Asburians back. I’ll be expecting more food, belly scratches and selfies.