By Katie Ellington
Contributing Writer

Screaming and waving pool noodles in the air, diving on their stomachs, and sliding on their backs, many Asbury students participated in the 100-foot water slide that dumped them at the bottom of the hill next to the Luce, covered in grass and mud.

This is what Waterpalooza looked like as students gathered to participate in this annual Asbury tradition. There was only one slide, but students found several innova- tive ways to participate and make each descent feel like a completely different experience. Eventually a big group of students lined both sides of the hundred-foot-long tarp water slide and began good-naturedly whacking their friends as they slipped down the hill. Many ensured a speedy descent by getting a running start, while others formed a train by holding the ends of the noodles.

“It was epic,” said freshman Leah Haeuber of the human train.  “It was kind of hard to hold on, but it was fun.” Haeuber also helped form a human hurdle for sophomore Tommy 
Otley, who managed to dive over a row of seven students kneeling parallel to the tarp.  

Otley, who considers himself a bit of a daredevil, received the challenge from fellow sophomore Levi Simonton.  “It hurt the first time, but the second time I landed better,” he said.  “I was trying to catch a ball too, but they threw it a little late.”

Waterpalooza was hosted by the Committee on a Whim, a division of the Student Activities Board.  Junior Meredith Anderson, vice president of the Student Activities Board, was pleased with the turnout.  “One of the best things about Asbury is the fellowship and community. It’s what people notice about Asbury,” she said.  The former Ransomed Class activities director believes that events like Waterpalooza are important because they bring students together and foster that sense of community.  

“Nobody really cares if you’re an athlete or a history major. Everybody just has fun,” said Amanda Van Noppen, a member of the Committee on a Whim.  “That’s what college is about: 
having fun.”

From the screams, grins, and friends trying to give each other muddy hugs, it was obvious people were having fun. “I think there has been more enthusiasm this year,” said Nolan Hodge, a senior. “I love it,” said freshman Kelsi Morris.  “What’s not to love?”

While most students enjoyed the festivities, a few were left confused. “Waterpalooza was wet.  I’m still not really sure why,” said senior Jared Gerhardstein.

“It was really good that it was such a hot day because it gave people a great escape from the heat and a great break from studying,” said Anderson.  She stated that she hopes to have water balloons pre-filled next year for a water balloon fight.  She also addressed complaints from last year about a lack of weekend activities. She said that the Screaming Eagles are putting on a tailgate before the men’s soccer game this Friday at 6 p.m. in the Luce Center.