By Karis Rogerson
News Editor

Due to increased funding from the administration, the Executive Cabinet (EC) outfitted the student center with two new pool tables and a television this past week.

“We were given extra budget money this year from the Administration, and the only stipulation was that we had to spend it to improve campus,” Public Relations Director Luke Patton said.

The intention behind the addition of the television, Patton said, was for it “to be a place for Student Congress events like tourney nights, concerts and club events to get a little extra real estate rather than having to share space on bulletin boards with local ads, school events or posters from other students.”

Vice President for Student Activities Asher Allison said EC had a desire to increase the attractiveness of the student center. “Through gathering student opinion in student congress meetings and EC pancake hours, we were able to make the decision a few weeks ago to green-light funds for the purchase of one pool table,” he said. The second pool table was given by Joe Bruner, residence life director.

Student Center Director Quinn Gervel has only received positive feedback regarding the changes. In fact, in a Collegian survey, 120 students (53.1 percent) said they are pleased with the changes, while only four students (1.8 percent) are displeased. Despite this, 121 students (53.5 percent) said they had not noticed that additions had been made to the student center.

Students want changes, though. Of the 201 students who responded to a question about what changes they would like to see in the student center, 100 percent gave at least one suggestion for improvement. 110 students (54.7 percent) said they wanted an improved or expanded HICCUP. Other suggestions ranged from better computers to a total updating of the décor. Freshman Sarah Crock said, “The Stuce strongly resembles a warehouse, which is a little cold and uninviting sometimes.”

Junior and Student Center Manager Tyler Garden said he is glad that the Student Center is receiving improvements. He mentioned that a change he would like to see is improved wireless Internet reception. “During peak hours, it can get clogged with all the people using it,” Garden said.

Patton said plans for improving the student center further are already in place. “We have some more ideas for the student center that we’re still considering and working towards,” Patton said, adding that feedback received from students showed an overwhelming desire for changesto the student center. Allison said these plans involve the acquiring of additional funds to upgrade the student center through new pain, carpet, furniture and windows. 

Allison said EC’s further plans for campus improvement involve renovating the Grille, further improving the student center and installing a beach volleyball court. Another change that was talked about during the Feb. 4 Asbury Student Congress meeting is to add water bottle refill stations near water fountains.

Allison said EC takes student input very seriously. “Personally, 95 percent of the ideas I bring to student government stem from students sharing an idea with me, giving feedback on a particular topic, or when they address an unfulfilled need,” he said. “I put forth my best effort to find the best options for students.”