In response to, “Mr. GQ has no place at Asbury,” which ran in the Feb. 28 issue

By Daniel Gibbons

As the only Mr. GQ on this campus, I feel like it is my duty to set things straight about the GQ contest. I’m going to use short words because I’m not that smart.

While Asbury is a proud institution rooted in the Wesleyan holiness tradition, God loves it when we laugh. Mr. GQ is not porn or judged on attractiveness, but a comedy contest – one that was created to provide entertainment and laughs for campus.

I, personally, don’t consider myself unholy for winning. This contest is not judged on outward beauty, but on the contestants’ ability to win over a crowd and impress the judges. The panel of judges represented the French, history and math departments, so it also brought in a bit of culture and diversity from many areas of campus.

It was judged on categories of talent, who your hero was, a sponsor section where the contestant represented a group on campus and a formal question and answer session with the judges. In this way, it promoted clubs on campus and all of the money raised went to help with the Awakened Class Cabinet. So, in no way was outward appearance judged at any point during this contest.

Mr. GQ hasn’t happened in the past two years, and I’m excited for it to return for one more year and for many more years to come. It was fun to participate because I got to hang out with other guys I never would have met, and we worked on a dance routine that was really fun to learn.

The whole theme is to be funny and fun.

I’m flattered that I would be considered the lust of someone’s eyes, but I don’t have bulging muscles or manly facial hair. I’m just your average golfer. I hope you will attend Mr. GQ this year and see what it’s really all about.