By Meredith Schellin
News Editor

Asbury’s 2013 Homecoming court broke tradition when two queens were crowned, along with the king, at the men’s soccer game halftime on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Seniors Jennifer Silver and Lucy Allen are the first queens to tie in the history of Asbury’s homecoming court. “Lucy is an amazing human being who loves Jesus and people more than anyone I’ve ever met,” said Silver. She was honored to share the title with Allen, commenting that it would not have been as special with anyone else.

Allen echoed Silver’s sentiments on sharing her title. “I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing this with my best friend in the whole world,” she said. “I truly believe that God ordained our friendship from before we even got to Asbury as roommates freshman year, and this is one of many ways God has stamped His approval on our friendship.”

According to Elections Committee chair Taylor West, 166 students voted in the final round for king and queen. 

“We chose to go with the tie between Jen Silver and Lucy Allen because we felt that the student body had showed that there were two candidates that they felt represented all the qualities that are looked for in a homecoming queen,” said West. “We knew that both Jen and Lucy would be okay with a tie because they are best friends and both wanted each other to win.”

Neither Silver nor Allen have ever been on court before. Silver notes that the process for getting chosen to be on court is one that is long; however, she is honored that she has been given this title.

“I’m humbled by how many people considered even writing down my name or voting at any point,” said Silver. “Being chosen by our school to represent them in any capacity is overwhelmingly touching.”

Allen echoed Silver’s sentiments. “I’m incredibly honored and humbled by being chosen,” she said. 

The other classes were also represented on Saturday, along with the other candidates for king and queen. Megan Barrett and Jeremy Davidson represented the freshman class. The sophomore class was represented by Paula Diaz and Jorge Castorena, and Christina  Kuo and Bryce Ury were chosen to represent the junior class.

Rachel Halm and Mackenzie Burke were both runners-up for queen and the runners-up for king were Matt Chisholm, Caleb Wheat and Kyle Bailey. Brady Parks was elected as homecoming king. 

Parks also felt honored to be chosen as homecoming king and found the the opportunity to be crowned alongside two queens a unique experience. 

“Having two queens was interesting…it makes dancing more exciting,” said Parks. “Honestly, it did not make me feel any more special. I am just excited that Jen and Lucy had this opportunity together.” 

Parks believes that a tie is unlikely to occur again because Silver and Allen are a special case. 

“I do not think there will be close ties like this in the future. Jen and Lucy are two of the most renowned people here at Asbury. I believe this is why the queen election was a tie,” said Parks. “Beside, Jen and Lucy are best friends and are practically sisters.”  

While the results of this election may have appeared unconventional and have thus far been unprecedented, West believes that the winners, along with the other candidates and the court, provided an accurate picture of the student body community.  

“Overall [the election committee] felt that Homecoming was a success and that every member of the homecoming court fully represented Asbury University,” said West.